About Us

Mary and Joe Toboni are 4th generation San Franciscans whose roots can be traced back to San Francisco as early as the 1870′s and specifically to Sonoma County prior to the 1920′s. They have lived in San Francisco their entire lives where they have raised their five children and enjoyed an extended family in and around the area. Their Oakwild Ranch lies a stone’s throw from the intersection of Olivet Lane and River Road in the heart of the Russian River Valley.

In the 1990s, Mary and Joe sought to find a perfect plot of land that their children and their extended families could enjoy, as well as a place where they could realize their passion of growing the best Pinot Noir grapes of the region. They embarked on an effort to provide the talented Russian River winemakers with the product they needed to develop the finest Pinot Noir. Every step of the way the Toboni’s have made the ultimate effort by matching their soils and climate with optimal rootstock and clonal selections.

In this beautiful sloped vineyard setting they have matched great soils and 101-14 rootstock with the French clones of Dijon 115, 667, 777, and Pommard 5. They have taken on the daunting task of nurturing this vineyard in a way that would ultimately honor this wonderful appellation in a world class way.

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